How to Eliminate blackheads with toothpaste cheap and easy

Blackheads is one of the obstacles to a person appear more attractive. Blackheads usually grow around the nose. Blackheads appear because of a buildup of dirt as dust, grease, and bacteria that cause pores - pore face covered.
Another reason is because of the emergence of blackheads often eat fatty foods, stress, and lack of sleep. Comedones if left too long will usually black and rough around the nose. That is why the appearance of a person to be less attractive.
Sometimes we are willing to spend a lot of money to solve the problem of blackheads is one of these. With tools of modern and expensive doctor. But we will actually be able to cope alone in the house in practical and inexpensive. How to get rid of the stubborn blackheads? Next is how to cope.
How to get rid of blackheads naturally, easy and inexpensive:
- Toothpaste:

Here's how:
1. Prepare the toothpaste around 2 cm.
2. Apply toothpaste on the area contained the blackheads.
3. Wait until you feel a mint and a little heat.
4. Finally rinse with clean water. And blackheads disappear.

- Toothpaste and salt:

Here's how:
1. Prepare the toothpaste in small containers
2. Mix the salt with a ratio of 1: 1
3. Apply on areas that grow blackheads
4. Wait until mongering
5. Then rinse with clean water until the blackheads disappear.

- Toothpaste and ice:

1. Prepare a piece of ice
2. Compress the area grow blackheads
3. Wait kompresan ice for 5 minutes, then rub the toothpaste on the area that has been compressed.
4. Wait until the skin feels a little hot, then compress it using ice batuselama approximately 5mn.
5. Then wash with clean water.

- Toothpaste and lime:

Here's how:
1. Prepare 2 pieces of lemon juice and toothpaste
2. Combine toothpaste with lemon
3. Apply the mixture on the area that is growing blackheads
4. Let stand a few minutes, then rinse with warm water and clean.

- Toothpaste and aloe vera plant:

Here's how:
1. Prepare a 1 stem of aloe, then break.
2. Take the sap of the aloe vera plant and mix with toothpaste
3. Mix well, apply on the blackheads are
4. Wait 10-20 minutes, wash with warm water.

- Toothpaste and egg whites:

Here's how:
1. Prepare the egg whites 1
2. Combine the pasta with egg white teeth
3. Stir until evenly
4. Spread the batter in the area of ​​blackheads
5. Wait 15 minutes
6. Then wash with warm water until completely clean.
Such is the way to overcome the blackheads very disturbing our appearance. It's easy and cheap is not it? Good luck and good luck. :)

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